5 Historical Coincidences That Blow Our Minds

  • Abe Lincoln and JFK
Abe Lincoln and JFK
Credits: Buyenlarge/ Archive photos (left), Bachrach/ Archive Photos (right) via Getty Images

Call coincidence what you’d like: luck, karma, fate, or just random happenstance. In any case, when similar events occur, it's fascinating and, sometimes, downright eerie. Some coincidences have so many layers that they take on a second role in the form of conspiracy theory or prophecy. Coincidences, by nature, require zero planning; all we need to do is wait for them to happen. Here’s a look back at five strange coincidences throughout history.

Credits: Kean Collection/ Archive Photos (left), Hulton Archive (right) via Getty Images

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Died on the Exact Same Day

It’s unlikely enough that two of America’s Founding Fathers would die on the very same day, but this story gets even stranger. First, these two political rivals died within hours of each other. Even weirder? The date of their passing was July 4, 1826 — 50 years to the day after the Declaration of Independence was adopted. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson weren’t the same age when they died, though — Adams was 90 and Jefferson was 83. There are multiple theories on why this happened, and sheer coincidence is certainly one. To add another eerie layer, founding father James Monroe also died on the Fourth of July, five years later.

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