Every member of LBJ’s family had the initials LBJ (even the dog).

  • Johnson family portrait
Johnson family portrait
Credit: Everett Collection Historical/ Alamy Stock Photo

If you think the Kardashians’ insistence on giving every member of the family a first name starting with the letter “K” is a bit much, wait until you hear about the 36th president of the United States. One assumes it was a coincidence that Lyndon Baines Johnson and his wife Claudia, better known as Lady Bird, both ended up with the initials LBJ, but it was certainly intentional to have both their daughters and one of their many dogs continue the trend. Lynda Bird Johnson was born on March 19, 1944, and Luci Baines Johnson followed on July 2, 1947. The final LBJ, Little Beagle Johnson, was a free spirit with a habit of running away.

In addition to being a quirky family tradition, this affinity for initials seems to have been a political move on LBJ’s part. He instructed one of his congressional assistants to refer to him by his initials long before his Oval Office tenure, telling the aide, “FDR–LBJ, FDR–LBJ. Do you get it? What I want is for them to start thinking of me in terms of initials.” Johnson, whose “Great Society” program was inspired by the New Deal, greatly admired Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and it’s hard to fault his political instincts given that LBJ became vice president thanks to another president with famous three-letter initials: JFK.

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